DAISY makes your DATA EASY to use

There are tons of existing data,
Yet, DAISY is the only one data visualization tool for the open dataset.
With DAISY, everyone can easily access and utilize data.
Discover significant insights of data with just a few clicks.

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The only solution for Open Data

DAISY is the only one open data visualization tool for open data sets.
Search available data and compare them immediately.
DAISY presents you the easiest way to utilize open data without extensive training.

No programming,
just click & get insights.

Skip the data preparation nightmare. DAISY presents you new experience with user-friendly interface.
Even non-technical users can easily look for list of available datasets and compare them at once.
No more tedious work of standardizing data and head straight to visualization and insights.

  • Just Click & Visualize it

    DAISY allows users to access to data through a point-and-click interface eliminates complexity.With auto-chart recommendation system, anyone can create best chart fit for their object.

  • Compare at Once

    DAISY offers incomparable environment
    for users to find right data from disparate data sources.

Insights More Easily

  • Quick Access to database

    Simply clicking a search button,
    you can explore existing data sets of your organization within a few seconds.
    Individuals can also upload their own file for data visualization.

  • Variety of Selection

    Constantly updating more visualization types (charts & graphs)
    for both formal and informal datasets.

  • Visualization Framework

    With just a few clicks,
    you can create visual contents perfectly fit for selected datasets
    by clicking auto visualization button.

  • Chart Wizards

    DAISY enables choosing best visualization types
    by clicking chart recommendation button.

On-Premises Ver.

Our Support team will visit your company and install the solution on your server. This version requires annual fee for providing maintenance and customer support

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Installation Ver.

Customers can purchase the DAISY solution and install it by themselves. Currently unavailable

Releasing Soon

Open Source Project  >>

We believe that open source brings more innovation for the industry.
Anyone can download DAISY for developer on Github for free.

* Please notice that we do not provide any technical support for the developer version.

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